Start your dream weekend – with one of our girls. Erotic, fun, sport & more …

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Grant yourself a unique experience without time pressure: Book your dream girl for a whole weekend! Enjoy the time with a great companion. Erotic, fun, sport and more …

As a gentleman you can experience so much and spontaneously have fun in between. So it never gets boring. Just give it a try. One of our customers wrote to us:

I wanted to live my life to the full. A short trip to Dubai was planned. I also had some business to do there, but a lot of free time on the side. But I didn’t want to spend it alone. But always only in bed is somehow boring, isn’t it? So I got the idea to book one of your great models for the whole weekend. Shopping, dinner, going out, fun! In addition some beach, sun and sport – and this if possible not alone. That was my idea which I then successfully implemented. I can say this was a great idea and was incredibly fun!

A really good idea we can only say! I can very well imagine that this was a lot of fun. There are so many things to discover and experience and it is much more fun for two. Especially if you can start an erotic interlude at any time…

Here are some of our girls we can recommend for this very special.